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CHARACTER SERIES: Jak and Daxter Series
This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.
<b>Threadhopping</b>: Sure
<b>Fourthwalling</b>: Sure
<b>Offensive subjects (elaborate)</b>:  I'm  fine with all except mentions of Rape, as Erol can get into dark stuff about the prisoners he used to torture in prison for "good" intentions.
This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired. With IC permissions, it's a good idea to elaborate on what other players can expect from your character if they choose to do any of the following:
<b>Hugging this character</b>: Yes, but Erol doesn't like a lot of people.
<b>Kissing this character</b>: No, Erol would shoot first, ask questions later. 
<b>Flirting with this character</b>: Depends on the woman, ask me.. 
<b>Fighting with this character</b>: Sure, Erol is a little on the fighting side so he'd probably do so.
<b>Injuring this character (include limits and severity)</b>:  It actually depends how much Erol is a basterd to the character in question.
<b>Killing this character</b>: Nope
<b>Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character</b>: Why not, ask me first.

Erol is a jerk and he won't hesitate to show his distaste on how nasty you are, that is if you piss him off.  Otherwise he's a competitive racer and loves racing and/or kicking people around. 
<a href="http://community.livejournal.com/rpanoncomm/4162.html?thread=31664706#t31664706">Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!</a>
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<b><u>Personal Information</b></u>

<b>Name</b>: Dark/Laura


<b>Personal Journal</b>: Not sure

<b>Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk</b>: Plurk- redscribbles, skype- darknessred, email- johnslaura7@gmail.com

<b>Current Character(s):</b> (List the characters you currently play in the Wake, if applicable!)

<b><u>Character Information</b></u>

<b>Character Name</b>: Erol

<b>Fandom</b>: Jak and Daxter- Jak II

<b>Character History</b>: Please summarize your character's involvement in the series.  This does not have to be every little event so much as an overview.  

Erol has an unknown childhood. As Erol grew, he joined the Krimzon guard under the recent Krimzon guard Commander, Torn.  Erol served  in the Krimzon guard, and eventually worked himself up the ranks to the rank of Commander.The Baron fell back, leaving several innocent folks to die.  Torn left the Krimzon guard and Erol became the new Krimzon guard Commander of Haven City.

He helped Baron Praxis run the city with an iron fist, helping oversee the “Dark Warrior Program” which Jak was one of the experiments there.   Erol would make Jak’s life a living hell in prison. On the side, Erol is a prestige racer who is proven to be the best racer in the city. After Jak beat him in a race, his worst enemy would prove to Jak to be a roadblock in his life, over and over.  First, the man would fall for Jak’s girlfriend, Keira, next he would fail against Jak in a petty ring race around the city, and lastly he tried to prove himself in the Haven City Championship races only to avoid certain death by dark eco barrels.

<b>Character Personality</b>: Please be <i>as detailed as possible</i>. Minimum three paragraphs.

On the outside, Erol is a charming and sly as a snake. He is a smart man who knows his way with words and around woman. His hobby, and his powerful rank give off an air of superiority.  He will complete a task no matter how nasty it could get. He is reliable and will follow the Baron’s orders no matter the cost of life. However, he is shown at times to blow off orders for flirting with his favorite mechanic.  His moral compass is a little off kilter.

He also shows his power to lead his men, often leading through fear, obedience and force.  He is feared by his men and the prisoners inside the walls of the fortress. He is known well for nasty tatics both in and on the racetrack. However, Erol takes his racing very seriously and considers it a shape on his personality.

Erol and Keira shared a love for mechanics and racing and worked together until the “Dark Eco” freak pulled everything he loved away from him.

Erol has a obsession about Jak that leads him to believe Jak is the one who caused all of his problems in his life.

<b>Powers and Abilities</b>:

Even though Erol has no powers, Erol is a Commander of the Krimzon guard, also being the Baron’s right hand man.  He holds militaristic experience of the Krimzon guard and how their system works. He is a smart man, however he uses his talent for evil instead of good.

He also has a talent for racing and fixing cars.



[A tattooed face with long ears, stands in the background as he gets closer to the screen... ]

So, you may be wondering what had happened to me, right?

I had a unfortunate “accident”, it seems..

[a scowl appeared on the man’s face]

That’s right, “Dark Eco Freak”, I’m BACK!”

The camera fizzles out as the long eared man laughs.

The Mar Memorial Arena in Haven City was filled to the brim with people. They all came to see one person during the night. That person with the fiery, reddish orange hair. The crowd had come to rely on the man named Erol. His passion on the racetrack had excited several people, but many other racers had heard about the man's dangerous tactics on the racetrack. However, tonight was a special night for the people of Haven City.

Baron Praxis was hosting the Haven City zoomer championship races and the prize was some dark eco barrels and a visit to the Baron's palace which was a prize in it's own right. The man studied his zoomer and leaned forward as he held the bars controlling the zoomer.

Then it happened so fast, his worst enemy showed up and it left a sour taste in Erol's mouth. He growled as he slammed his special mask on his face and gritted his teeth. The sound of the other racers seemed to blur in and out while Erol's obsession was focused on one man: Jak. He had to win, he had to show these people he was still on top. The lights flashed and off both the top racers went. Erol pulled himself in front of Jak and had to give a smirk every time he was near the man as he smashed to the side of Jak trying to ram him off the road so he got stuck with the other racers in the back.

Yet the man still was stubborn enough to slam Erol back as they were reaching the first turn. Both of them were neck in neck, stuck it seemed like a never ending race where time was slowing down and nobody knew.

He pushed ahead once again as the first corner came and gone as the track began to split into two areas.


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